Oct 24, 2013

CyberAgent Invest In Smartphone Ads Startup In Silicon Valley / MarkeZine

CyberAgent invests in URX Inc., retargeting advertising focused on mobile apps. It is the first investing deal for CyberAgent in Silicon Valley. Its advertising technology division partners with URX for its Japan and Asia entry.

URX was founded in February 2013 launched from Y Combinator. Different from other retargeting technology which can lead to top page of apps, URX enables to lead directly to a certain page in apps.

MarkeZine 10/24/2013 [jp]

  • CyberAgent has been actively investing in startups in Asia aiming to transfer skills and knowledge of CyberAgent to them and get into the market. In case of Silicon Valley, the company may more focus on helping the startups to get into Japan market. It is interesting to see how the aim works.
  • http://urx.com/

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