Oct 17, 2013

[The Bridge] Ietty fundraises $500,000, aiming to disrupt Japanese home rental industry

Ietty is a Japanese startup that provides an alternative to conventional househunting. The startup announced yesterday it has raised 50 million yen (approximately $500,000) from I Mercury Capital, the investment arm of Japanese social network Mixi. Since its launch back in February of 2012, the company has been developing its service in stealth mode. But it seems that, coinciding with these new funds raised, they are turning up at many showcasing opportunities like Graph Hack Award 2013. 
Ietty, the platform that the startup provides under its company name, aims to solve problems for both homeseekers and property agents. When you use conventional home finder sites, you need to enter lots of criteria to find something to fit your preference. But Ietty uses your Facebook user profile, and agents propose some available options via the platform based on criteria you have entered in advance. ...
The Bridge 10/16/2013 [en]

  • There are a few dominant house portal sites including Recruit's Suumo and HOME'S. It seems hard market for a startup like Ietty, but it is also true that these existing sites have not been so changed for many years. It is interesting to see how Ietty will change the rule of the quite matured business.
  • https://ietty.me/

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