Oct 25, 2013

ZIGExN To Be Listed On Mothers At November 22 / Cnet Japan

ZIGExN was founded as a joint venture between Drecom and Recruit Group under the name of Drecom Generated Media.  From 2008, it has operated vertical search service enabling to search across multi net media such as Tenshoku EX, job search, and Jidousha EX, car search. In February 2009, it sold out Drecom Blog business to Drecom and changed the name to ZIGExN in September of the same year. ...

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Cnet Japan 10/22/2013 [jp]

  • Other vertical categories include housing, moving, ISP, solar panel, insurance, wedding, live tickets, and travel. Some categories have even sub categories such as job search focused on nurse. It is quite interesting business and still has room to grow because there may be more vertical portal services.
  • http://zigexn.co.jp/

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