Oct 17, 2013

Following Square, Coiney, Others, Royal Gate Officially Enters Mobile Payment Service / TechCrunch Japan

The competition in mobile payment service is getting fierce with Square which entered in Japan in May, Japanese startup Coiney, PayPal Here which SoftBank distributes, and Rakuten Smart Pay. Most of these service mainly targets small and medium businesses, while Royal Gate aims enterprise customers, which closed 1 billion yen of fundraising from Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

Royalgate runs payment platform, PAYGATE which is currently adopted mainly by middle class sized corporations. Larger companies including logistics, insurance, and telecom are considering to deploy it. ...

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TechCrunch Japan 10/14/2013 [jp]

  • It may take much longer time to sell the service to enterprise than to small shops, but it would be robust because quite large size of market already exist.
  • http://www.royalgate.co.jp/

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