Oct 25, 2013

[The Bridge] Japanese business reporting tool Gamba raises $200,000 from Skyland Ventures

Yokohama-based Gamba, the startup behind the business reporting tool of the same name, announced today that it has raised $20 million yen (approximately $200,00) from Skyland Ventures, a Japanese investment company focused on seed-stage startups. Some of our readers may recall when we reported back in July that their tool would be integrated with a number of code- and task-tracking tools: GitHub, BitBucket, Pivotal Tracker and Google Tasks. 
The company was launched last December by Masahiro Morita who previously worked with e-commerce giant Rakuten as a business development producer. As of July, it has acquired more than 1,000 corporate accounts in Japan across a wide range of companies. ...
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The Bridge 10/24/2013 [en]

  • Communication tools targeting for business customers utilizing social networking features are becoming hot category for startups recently such as Talknote and Chatwork. Generally speaking, it takes much longer time to grow compared to consumer social services, but it is also true that B2B is more robust to maintain user base. It is just a beginning of the competition for these business social networking services.
  • http://www.getgamba.com/

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