Jul 3, 2013

fluxflex Officially Launches WebPay, Credit Card Payment API / Cnet Japan

Along with the announcement of the official launch, fluxflex announced fundraising by convertible notes from CyberAgent Ventures, Archetype, and GMO Payment Gateway.

WebPay has high compatibility with Stripe's API which is widely used in the US and allows to develop a payment system within a few hours using abundant library and samples. Not only simple payment, but various ways of payment such as periodic payment, pay-as-you-go payment, discount with coupons, and one-click payment are easily deployed with the API. ...

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Cnet Japan 7/2/2013 [jp]

  • WebPay charges 3.4% plus 30 yen for each transaction. Mobile reward ads provider, Metaps recently launched a beta version of Spike, a totally free payment service. Payment is a huge market and expected to become even bigger, but it will become very tough competition for any companies if these free services appear. Anyway, it is interesting to see how the competition in the payment solutions will be like. 
  • http://www.fluxflex.com/

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