Jul 3, 2013

[Sd] Book discovery service raises $200,000 from Japanese investors

Booklap is a handy service that helps you find good books. It was created by Tokyo-based startup Prosbee, which announced today that it has raised 20 million yen ($200,000) from Incubate Fund, Voyage Ventures, and Genuine Startups. This follows the previous funding of 3 million yen (about $32,000) from Incubate Fund last July. 
The service has two ways to help you discover new books: The first method is based on your interests, pulled from ‘social graphs’ like your Facebook profile. The other way is by presenting quotes from books that impressed other users. Since its beta launch back in June of 2012, they have built up a decent userbase, with recent changes to their interface, adding features intended to boost growth. ...
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Sd 7/3/2013 [en]

  • There are some books related service utilizing social functions such as Booklog, review sharing, and Bukupe, summary sharing. Booklap is unique in a way to share quotes from books, which is easier than others. The way of monetization is basically based on advertising like display ads or affiliate for any such services, so the scale of users and contents is the key factor. The easiness to share quotes may become a big advantage for Booklap to increase contents.    
  • http://booklap.com/

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