Jul 11, 2013

[Sd] Downloaded by half of Japan’s iPhone girls, Papelook attracts more investment

Two Japanese mobile trends that we have been following closely over the past few months are high-quality Japanese photo apps, and the evolution of cute culture into an exportable mobile commodity. Popular made-in-Japan collage app Papelook lies at the intersection of these two trends, and that means it has lots of potential to grow, even beyond Japan’s borders. 
Today Digital Garage announced that it would be investing in Papelook, though the exact sum was not disclosed, the company will take 5% of the startup’s outstanding shares. ...
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Sd 7/10/2013 [en]


  • Papelook is one of teams from the last batch of Open Network Lab, a seed accelerator program. Digital Garage is one of the major shareholders of Open Network Labo. The other major shareholder is Netprice.com.
  • http://www.papelook.co.jp/

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