Jul 3, 2013

Mutations Studio Fundraises 230M Yen From CyberAgent Ventures, FuRyu, And KDDI Open Innovation Fund / MSN Sankei

Mutations Studio was founded in August 2012 by a game producer, Mr. Kuwata who produced several popular mobile games and his team. CyberAgent Ventures invested in September, 2012, FuRyu did in February, 2013, and KDDI Open Innovation Fund in March, 2013.

Within this year, the startup plans to launch several game titles with its own brand as well as joint titles with other developers.

MSN Sankei News 7/2/2013 [jp]

  • More and more large publishers dominate the market in smartphone games recently such as Puzzle & Dragons' GungHo and LINE. But it is also very rapidly changing and still growing market, so there may be chances for startups, particularly teams with successful track record like Mutations Studio.
  • http://www.mutationsltd.com/

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