Jul 1, 2013

Venture Republic Invests In Indonesian Price Comparison Site / Venture Now

Venture Republic invested in PT Telunjuk Komputasi Indonesia, which runs price comparison site, Telunjuk.com in Indonesia through its subsidiary, Venture Republic Global.

Taking advantage of knowledge acquired by operating several price comparison sites in Japan, such as coneco.net or Travel.jp, Venture Republic aims to accelerate an expansion into South East Asia such as Indonesia where a rapid growth is expected.

Telunjuk.com covers a wide range of products including PC, mobile phones, and air tickets for a product search and price comparison. The site was launched back in 2011 and has 500,000 products and 500,000 monthly active users now.

Venture Now 6/27/2013 [jp]

  • Investing in South East Asia from Japanese Internet companies are increasing in the last few years. CyberAgent is one of the earliest company among them. Others who set up a venture fund for the region include Gree, Rakuten, GMO, and IMJ. The move seems getting more accelerated recently.
  • http://www.vrg.jp/
  • http://www.telunjuk.com/

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