Jul 29, 2013

Mobile App Eyeland Operator, Oceans Announced Partnership With Adways In O2O And Fundraising From Mitsubishi UFJ Capital / Yomiuri Online

Oceans started collaboration with Adways in O2O. As the first effort, Oceans' location-based communication service, Eyeland places coupons of Asuiku, a last minute discount coupon service by Samurai Adways, Adways' subsidiary to send customers from the application.

Oceans also fundraised from Adways and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital. ...

Yomiuri Online 7/25/2013 [jp]

  • Eyeland allows users to share posts with their location as well as chat with other users around. It has been a few years since location-based apps appeared, but it seems they are still struggling to monetize from the services. It is expected that Eyeland can build up its business model with the partnership.
  • http://eyeland.in/en/

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