Jul 4, 2013

[Sd] 3 Japanese VCs team up to establish new mobile gaming studio

Fuji Startup Ventures, Gumi Ventures, and B Dash Ventures have jointly announced that they have teamed up to establish a new mobile gaming studio called A-lim. It has not been disclosed how much stake each party will hold in the company. 
This newly formed company also released its first mobile iOS game today, titled Brave Frontier. It’s available for free over on the App Store if you’d like to try it out.  ...
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Sd 7/3/2013 [en]

  • Fuji Startup Ventures is a VC arm of media company, Fuji TV, and Gumi Ventures is also a VC subsidiary of Gumi, a mobile game publisher. So, it is a kind of a joint venture between a TV station and a game publisher in which pure VC, B Dash invests. 
  • http://www.a-lim.co.jp/

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